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2020 Predictions
Originally published 1/6/2020
~ by Alison Baughman

First, let’s reflect...

From the moment we welcomed the year

2000, the energy of the number 2 was
introduced. At that time, it was in its
infancy, but we are now 20 years into it.

I told you back then,
that we would
undergo a transformation because the
1 energy of the 1900s was going to be
slowly replaced by the 2 energy. The 1
represents the individual, is aggressive
and it focuses upon itself. The 2 energy
represents partnerships, peace and the
greater good of all. Eventually, we will
arrive at a beautiful destination but in
the process of getting there, the old
world must be deconstructed in order
to rebuild a better one. That takes time
and does not happen immediately.

The chaotic world we currently living in reflects the change we are undergoing.

In order to live under the vibration of the 2, we must
learn to live in peace and harmony. We must align
ourselves to the energy of the number 2 because if we do not, we will not survive. Many of you can
relate to having an awakening since the year 2000 where you found a more spiritual approach to your
life. This,
in a sense, that prepared you to thrive in the 2 energy because you raised your vibration.
Those who are not aligned to the 2 energy and still operating on a lower vibration will struggle. I believe
this is an explanation for the increase of violence we are seeing. The year 2020 will be an emotional one
for us all but, especially for those who have not evolved.

In regard to the Trump Presidency, love him or hate him, he is part of the changes we need to undergo.
In order to understand the changes
needed, we must clearly see what needs to be changed. His
Presidency tests the character of us all. Never before has there been such a divide in opinion

however, in simplicity, it is just the 1 vs 2 energy in an epic struggle. The 1 will not go willingly but it
must eventually.

The energy of the 2 gives rise to the Divine Feminine energy which is why we are seeing woman’s
issues front and center in the news. Those still under the influence of the 1 energy will do whatever
they can to suppress women. In the end, they will fail but there is and will be a continued struggle.
2020 offers the best opportunity for a female President or VP because of the double 2s.

2020 is a 4 Universal Year

To determine the Universal Year Number, we add 2+0+2+0=4
The 4 is the number of law and order. It is interesting to me that we are facing an impeachment trial in
2020 where the laws
in the Constitution will be tested. The very foundation of our Country will be
tested this year.

March is the month to watch in regard to the impeachment. If he is removed from office, it will be then.
On the subject of laws, you can expect many of them to be passed in 2020.We will also see the
formation of businesses and organizations that will become very successful in the future. Sometimes the
4 year creates limitations in our lives where our freedom is restricted in some way. Perhaps this has to
do with travel, curfews or even Marshall law.

In today’s world, it is sometimes impossible to determine
who is telling the truth yet the 4 demands
honesty and integrity. Hopefully some of the smoke and mirrors of deception we currently see on a daily
basis will be exposed.

The 4 is associated with health
so expect emphasis on that subject this year. It could be a sign of a
worse than normal flu season,
but I do think STDs will be on the rise.

The 4 is a no-nonsense year where success comes through hard work and focus. It is time to be
practical and find common sense solutions to our problems. In other words, it is time to get our shit

July is a month to watch for sudden and unexpected events.

Climate Change

It is real and it is here now.

The 4 Is associated with Mother Earth and we will become painfully aware that global climate change is
real, and it is here now. We will be experiencing what I call “weather whiplash” where we will see
severe fluctuations in weather all across the globe. The description “unprecedented” will become
common. We will see high temperatures one day followed by a swift drop in temperatures the next. High
from severe storms will be a problem. We will see an increase in tornadoes in the usual places
but also in areas which do not usually have tornado
es. The Midwest will have a harsh winter. Although
the winter starts out mild in the NE, you can still expect a blustery winter with a Nor’easter
Storms will
continue to move up the NE coast in the fall during hurricane season. California will be dealing with
wildfires and mandatory power outages again in 2020. Many countries will experience unrelenting heat


There is a glacier in the Italian Alps which is in danger of collapsing and we will see many more
in the Ar
ctic collapse in 2020. All of the world will experience extremes in weather causing floods,
droughts and torrential storms.

The Economy

I do not see it as being a good year for the economy and would expect it to stay stagnant without much
growth. I would expect a decline in US Services Sector and Manufacturing. The stock market will have its
fair share of volatile days but for the most part it will be just so
-so. We will continue to see more and
more stress on the retail market resulting in store closures. The Fed will cut interest rates again in 2020.

Key Months to watch the economy:  April and September

Companies to keep an eye on for problems:
GM, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon


I see something new for
Adam Schiff after June which will significantly change his future.

Joe Biden should be cautious of his health in 2020. I do not see 2020 as being a positive year for him.

Trump will face declining support in 2020.  I think we will see Fox News even becoming critical
of him. Protests will increase.  His legal battles (not related to the impeachment) will not go in his favor.

We know
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had health challenges, but her health does not have much support
in her Numerology Chart, and I would expect it to continue to decline, especially after March.

I expect
Elizabeth Warren’s popularity to grow.

Bernie Sanders may have another health scare in 2020.

Jimmy Carter will be in the news. This may be health related, but it could be because of something he
says or does that gains national attention.

Tulsi Gabbard will be the topic of much discussion in 2020. She may decide to run for the Presidency as
an Independent.
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