Your Personal Year Number: When does it start?
Based on years of personal experience, Alison
discusses one of the most debated aspects of
Numerology, the Personal Year Number, and her
reasons for working with a January 1st start date as
opposed to the birth date.
A Numerology Case for a January First Start Date
Numerology: When Does the Personal Year Begin?
2015 - An 8 Universal Year
Alison's 2015 Predictions are live and also a
featured article in the December issue of OMTimes
Your Monthly Numerology Forecast
What does this 3 month of creation mean for you? March
is here so have a peek at what you can expect.

The Cornerstone in Numerology
The first letter of a person's first name is called the
Cornerstone in Numerology and it tells us the way you
approach opportunities and obstacles and gives us

insight into what kind of an person you are.
What does your first letter mean? Find out here.
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