If you are in a 1 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 2 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

Even if you are normally in control of your emotions, you will feel more sensitive this month. You may blow
things out of proportion, especially if your feelings are hurt. Try to keep in mind, your increased sensitivity
and just let it go. Handle every situation with tact and diplomacy because this month will not allow for any
other response. Anger will backfire on you.

Romance is definitely in the air. If you are involved in a relationship, you may feel closer to your spouse or
lover. If single, there is a good chance of meeting someone.

You are very perceptive this month as if you can literally read people's minds and indeed you probably are.
Use this to your advantage. You could play the role of the peacemaker this month by finding a resolution
between two opposing parties. You may have to make some compromises. Keep in mind that it is very
important to seek out peace and harmony this month in all areas of your life.

Be patient with yourself this month and if you feel a little indecisive, you will feel a clearer direction next

month. This might be a good month to just go over your plans and make sure you have not missed any
important details.
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
If you are in a 2 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 3 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

This is an excellent month to work on something creative. It could be a creative project at work or something
as simple as redecorating a room, starting a journal, writing or painting. Whatever it might be, feel free to
express yourself because there will be good results. Maybe it is time for a new hair style or adding a little
color to your wardrobe.

You may feel like taking a vacation or spending more time with your friends so accept those social invitations.
This is a good month to relax and unwind. Avoid stressful situations. You will feel lighthearted this month.
Think about the things you love to do and focus on doing a lot of that this month. Have some fun.

You also may catch a "lucky break" so, although I am not suggesting spending tons of money on the lottery,
it wouldn't hurt to buy a ticket or two. Be careful going overboard with expenditures as you do not have a
great deal of discipline this month and you don't want to regret overindulging with your budget.

Spend some time visualizing your future, if only lost in a daydream, the law of manifestation is in your favor
this month.  Your dreams may be vivid and your intuitive abilities very strong.
If you are in a 3 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 4 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

One word of advice during this month is to follow the rules. Something as simple as speeding could get you
a traffic ticket.

Work is about to pile up , whether at home or at work, and you may feel as though you are buried under it.
There is little time for play and not much free time. It is time to be disciplined and focused on the work at
hand. It really is an important month for your career although you may not be able to see it clearly. Your
efforts will bring rewards so buckle down and get to work and try not to let the pressures of all this
overtime get to you.

It is also a good time to get organized and plan for your future. Look over your finances and make a
strategy for the next several years. If you have a messy office or home, it might be a good time to create
some order and clean up the clutter.

Stress can be a factor this month due to the increased demands on your time. You may feel like cracking
under the pressure. Hang in there and try to look at it from a different perspective. This is building a
foundation for your future success.

Get your rest and eat right as you do not want your health to suffer because of this demanding month.
If you are in a 4 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 5 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

Oh finally change is on the agenda. This month should turn out to be more interesting. October offers you
an opportunity to make some changes in your life. If you were considering moving, this month will allow it.  
You could also make a move with your career such as expanding it or possibly receive a promotion. October
also puts travel on your agenda, perhaps a work related trip and it looks like if you do travel for work, it will
turn out to be a positive experience.

If you have any involvement with the media such as TV, Radio or print, this could be a very exciting month.

You should take full advantage of any way possible to promote your ideas. This is also a very positive
month for sales, marketing and networking. Update your website or send out a newsletter to your clients.

You will have to be a bit cautious about overindulging. This month could bring a little backsliding in areas

where you lack discipline. You also might be a bit extravagant with money and more impulsive.

You also may find that even the best laid plans could go awry this month so expect the unexpected and

have a plan B in mind. You could find yourself juggling more than one project at a time so keep on your
toes. Most importantly, be prepared to "go with the flow".
If you are in a 5 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 6 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

This is a positive month regarding your career. You may find that you are asked to take on a little bit more
responsibility having to do with your job. Whether you have a career or are a stay at home Mom, this
month puts a few more "things to do "on your shoulders. There is also the possibility of a pay increase but
it may not seem like enough considering the extra duties you are taking on.

You also may be needed at home as your family has their own set of demands on your time. Perhaps your
lover or spouse is feeling a desire to spend more time with you. They may even want to discuss any
problems with your relationship. Be aware that this month can be the catalyst for an actual break up so
work on your relationship if you want to preserve it or you may just find yourself walking away. If you are
single, this is a positive month for meeting someone who could turn out to be meaningful in the future.

You may be called upon for advice or to help a family member or there may just be an endless list of family

functions to go to this month.  Time to be loving and nurturing and enjoy being surrounded by the love of
your family.
If you are in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 7 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

You may feel the need for a break given the demands of your family and the responsibility that you took on
this year and hopefully this month, you will allow yourself some time to get some rest. Don't feel guilty if you
want to spend a little more time alone. You may crave a little peace and quiet and solitude to collect your
thoughts. Long walks, a vacation by the water, sleeping in late might be just what you need.

Mentally, it would be a good month to take a class or workshop or perhaps wander into your favorite book
store and find a book to your liking.

Spiritually, you are more insightful and may be able to see resolutions to your problems more clearly than
before. Dreams and intuition play an important role this month. Pay attention. Take time to get lost in your
thoughts and honor this time which allows you to look for deeper meanings. Your health may be less
vibrant so if you are tired, sleep and take care of yourself by eating right. Because your focus is more
inward, you may seem distant to your loved ones. Reassure them that you just have a lot on your mind.
If you are in a 7 PERSONAL YEAR, October is an 8 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

You may have felt a bit "out of touch" this year but this month returns the focus to your career. You may be
surprised to receive compliments and recognition for the work you have been doing. You may finish out the
month feeling allot more confident in your abilities. This is just a taste of what is in store for you all next
year. There may be good financial news this month but it is important to beware that the extent of the
positive financial news is contingent upon the effort you have been putting in over the last 7 years. It is as
simple as "you will reap what you have sown".

You may want to put your financial house in order and look at your budget and do some planning for the
future. Watch your expenditures and make sure you do not exceed what you can afford despite the fact
that more money may be coming in.

You may meet someone who is powerful and influential and they may have a direct effect on your career
next year. It would be a good time to concentrate on your career and also touch bases with your clients.
You also might want to think about what you want to achieve in the future and set some goals. Aim high!
If you are in an 8 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 9 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

On some level you sense that you have gone as far as you can in your present situation and perhaps feel
that the time is coming for you to make some decisions in your life that potentially could change
everything. You may begin to examine every aspect of you life from your career to your relationships.

Your focus this month is to begin to embrace the idea that change is good. We can not move forward in
our growth if we stay stagnant. You have accomplished a great deal in the past 8 years but it will soon be
time to challenge yourself and embark on new adventures. It is time to break away from the comfort and
security that actually prevents you from growth.  

Over the next year you will begin the process of letting go of things in your life that you no longer need
and that no longer fulfill you. This month gives you an indication of how that process will feel. There may be
some drama. You may even begin to question the necessity of things you used to hold dear to you. Expect
to feel a lack of direction and a little confused but know that everything is in perfect order. Quite like when
you order new furniture, you have to make room by discarding the old. Better to finish up old projects than
to begin a new one as you don't want to find yourself committed when it is time to move on.
If you are in a 9 PERSONAL YEAR, October is a 1 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

Finally a breath of fresh air and some good news in what has seemed like a year of drama. The positive
news is that it is time to act on those ideas you have had floating around in your head. It is time for a new
beginning. It is time to muster some courage, exude confidence and be fearless in order to jump off that
proverbial cliff. Get going and start working on that new project or whatever it might be.

If you have been searching for a job, a new opportunity might be on the agenda this month. You could
hear some exciting news. This also might be an excellent month to get a new look or spice up your
wardrobe because if you are single, the energy of this month is very good to meet someone. You also may
meet someone career wise who will become very important to your future.

You have been on an emotional roller coaster this year and had a cleansing in many areas of your life. This
month will remind you that when one door closes, another one opens.

Spend some time asking yourself where you want to be in the future and when you have that answer,
send that message out to the Universe. It is time for you to create your future.
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