2016 Predictions - The Year of Extremes
No other year can unite humanity in a common
cause as much as a 9 Universal Year. Every number
in Numerology has positive and negative qualities.
The Number 9 is one of those numbers that is all or
nothing.  It is the number of extremes, ...

If the Words you spoke...
...appeared on your skin, would you still be
beautiful? A little inspiration to help you through
the chaos.
May is a 5 Month of Change
The consummate multi-tasker, 5 is famous for sudden,
unexpected changes. How does it work for you?

Happy Mother's Day!!

A CD to help you Meditate
With all the craziness of an election year, take time
our for you! Check out Alison's mediation CD if
you'd like a little help disconnecting.
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