The Much-Maligned Number 4
The poor Number 4 always gets a bad rap. We can
lay partial blame upon Eastern cultures. The
Japanese consider the 4 to be very unlucky because
it is pronounced "shi" which is also the word for
death in Japanese.

2015 - An 8 Universal Year
Alison's 2015 Predictions are live and also a
featured article in the December issue of OMTimes
Your Monthly Numerology Forecast
April is the 4th month of this 8 Universal Year. Find out
what is in store for you!

Alison on the Radio
Saturday, April 4th
Alison joins Scott Morrow on Fearless Ghosthunter

Wednesday, April 15th
Alison joins Dave Scott on Spaced Out Radio
10 PM PT/1 AM ET
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